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​​​​​Ch. shivcharan Singh institute of health science , established in the year 2006, Paramedical Sciences has served as a lateral aid to the medical science, in terms of diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Their primary role is to provide advanced pre-hospital medical care to the patients. A paramedic can be defined as a person who works in a healthcare field in an auxiliary capacity to a physician. They are specially trained medical technicians certified to provide a wide range of emergency medical services. With the advent of technological development of medical sciences, several invasive and non-invasive tools were design. A paramedic is a healthcare professional who responds to emergency calls for medical help outside of a hospital. Paramedics mainly work as part of the emergency medical services (EMS).

These diploma/certificate are job oriented and self employment courses and eligible for all kinds of job in private, corporate, multinational companies sector or government/semi-government sector in India & abroad. But All India Council for Paramedical and its affiliated Institutions does not give any kind of guarantee for Job. The candidates after diploma can establish/open their own centers in any part of country under efficient medical specialist to the rules and regulations prevailing at time to time in the area concerned.



Message from the registrar's desk

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the President Shivcharan Singh Institute of Health Science and Research. My main objective of setting up this educational establishment was to achieve social change; This is the rebirth of Yoga and Naturopathy. First of all, I want to thank you for showing interest in Yoga and Naturopathy, which is becoming more and more popular around the world.

Our carefully selected, dedicated teaching staff, without whose help I would not have been able to expand the institute at the national level, take care of the all round development of the students.

CSS is my family and dear students are its members. Let us pledge to make it one of the leading institutes of the country.

Dr. A S Upadhyay

CH. Shivcharan Singh Institute of Health Science and Research,
Uttar Pradesh



Message from the secretary's desk

There is a lot of demand for latest foreign equipment these days in India, Govt. Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Examination Laboratories etc. have been established and are operational in all the cities of India. All of them are equipped with foreign equipment based on latest modern technology, there is a great need for specialist technicians to work on them, but due to lack of training institutes, their numbers are short. As a result, untrained persons who were stationed everywhere are gradually trained, but this process does not provide a 10% solution to the problem.

Under the above scope "Ch.Shivcharan Singh Institute of Health Science and Research" is cooperating a lot by providing. Trained Technicians are here fully trained and experienced on the subject mentioned above.

So you have to select the para medical field as per your interest.

Dr. Yatendra Kumar Sen,
CH. Shivcharan Singh Institute of Health Science and Research,
Uttar Pradesh .